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Bounce Rock Skate

Lesser known info about HIP HOP, and many freestyle dances all over the USA.

A lot of Move inspiration came from what we called Disco Roller Skating.
IN NYC allot of jams were held at roller rinks, And eventually landed the biggest HIP HOP night at the ROXY, that changed the face of Hip Hop for years to come.
In the Bronx, in my hood, we went to Bruckna skate rink (but soooo many shoot outs shut that place down. I had my first battles at this spot. But it was very dangerous. Also in the Bronx we had SKATE KEY, and SKATE PALACE, and a spot on Jerome ave.

In all the top spots, they would do Dance sessions in between Skating sessions allot, and that was where many Party Dancers, Rockers, Freestylers, and in the 80's mad BBOYS would throw down.
Famous DJ's and MC's were hanging out at the RINKS on weekdays.
CAZ, MEL, FLASH, THEODORE, ect promoting up and coming jams.
you would see Cold Crush 4 Handing out Flyers at Bruckna Roller Rink.
MR FREEZE RSC Battled GET LOOSE BRUCE at Jerome roller Rink and WON! He beat the top dog.
Allot of Bronx Rockers were on the Rink Floor doing Routines.
I battled KOOL KIETH at BRUCKNA the same day
SLICK WATTS and his crew wanted to battle Me Fabel and Lil Sput!!
All the NEW GENERATION BBOYS/BGIRLS created there own ROXY at SKATE KEY ad SKATE PALACE... These kids were Incredible!
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