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Castles in the Sky
This is one of the most up to date, historical website on the history of the BBOY/BGIRL, as well as original DJ/MC crews. The brotha who created this site, does the best interviews, and does not change one word of the interview.

Old School Hip Hop
Strictly pre 1986 Hip Hop History. this site always privides great information, and highly recommended research for all Hip Hop heads, and all elements. Important for all researchers to cross reference all information, and keep asking questins.

Writers Bench
a Great resource for Writers (graffiti) History, and knowledge. The bench also does straight forward interviews, with great photographs. Remember we do not call it GRAFFITI, we call it WRITING! get the terms correct.

Korean Roc
Instagram Page

Get your Daily Dose of BBOY/BGIRL Footage, with good text, and info, to keep you up to par with todays scene, as well as contributors to the culture, and latest BBOY/BGIRL Battle footage.

MR BIGS "Lets talk Hip Hop" podcast
Mr Bigs of the Soul Sonic Force Bring Knowledge of the original Era in HIP HOP. before WILD STYLE, BEAT STREET, and STYLE WARS.
it does not get more real, then Triple OG's dropping Knowledge.

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