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Best Teachers are Best Students

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This meme was created by my brothas in Germany, CLICK LINK to keep cats in check. We have a problem worldwide, where new generation learn in less than a year, build a local following, post youtube clips that can generate millions of likes based on cliche movement, (commercial moves) and want to promote themselves as master teachers. SMPRH (shaking my puerto rican head). This has to stop. For you to be a teacher, you must first be a student. It can take decades for a BBOY/BGIRL to call themselves a master teacher, or promote a master class. YEARS OF TRAINING, and paying dues in the battle scene. And here we have people who copy and paste dance on youtube worldwide, cater to the ignorant minds who just want to learn a moonwalk, and dance hype. yet, these teachers will rarely name a single move, or foundation. But collect upwards of $200,000 (a year) from students (hard working parents) without these kids realizing, that none of the movement is relevant to dance foundation. They put nothing into these kids future. smprh
These kids will eventually have to re-learn HIP HOP if they want to become professional dancers and teachers with longevity. Commercial dance is very short lived FOR MOST, and can only survive on more ignorant parents, and students with no knowledge of the culture.
Many will literaly choreograph what is the equivalent to a FREESTYLERS SOLO (but as a showcase routine) in True tradition, the Routines are kept SIMPLE, so to enhance our FREESTYLE SOLOS that are supposed to showcase moves created on the spot, and catching rhythms in music that many cant hear.
Check our little brother in the CHOREO/URBAN field who still teaches the importance of Foundation like IAN EASTWOOD"S IG page, or Build with LYLE BENIGA and LANDO WILKINS, who will say the same. As well as KINJAZ and many others who still follow and support the culture.
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