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Grandmaster Flash

Joseph Saddler (born January 1, 1958 in Bridgetown, Barbados) Rasied in the Bronx, Made his mark as one of the original top Hip Hop DJ's in New York, with his trademark invention of the "CrossFader" (created a switch that let him toggle from the left to the right turntabel) His Cutting and Scratching has influenced the DJ world along with his Speed. Alredy inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (along with his crew the Furious 5 MC's) He has accomplished everything a recording artist dreams of, by way of Tunrtabelism. 

Growing up in the Bronx, he learned how everything about electronics at Samuel Gompers High School, how to build and repair speakers, His father being an avid record collector Flash was always surrounded by music. He started attending Jams by famous NYC DJ's like Pete Jones, Kool Herc, and Grandmaster Flowers. Soon after developing his own unique style, he made a name for himself and his crew "Grand Master Flash and the Furious 3 MC's" (Cowboy (Keith Wiggins), Melle Mel (Melvin Glover) and Kid Creole (AKA Kidd Creole/Nathaniel Glover). Soon after he completed the group as "Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5" When he added Rahiem (Guy Todd Williamsr) and Scorpio (Eddie Morris, a.k.a. Mr. Ness). This group went on to make Music History! First signed to ENJOY RECORDS in 1979 they recorded "Super Rappin" and later Signed to Sugar Hill Records they recorded such hits as "The Message" "White Lines" and "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel",

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Sendai Japan Class

Kids were Rockin!

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Kyusyu Workshop 2014

Class in Kyusyu was off the Chain! Click the link and see: